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Digital Marketing Strategies to Optimize Budgets and Results

App Usage
Behavior Profiling
Location Profiling
Demographic Profiling
MobilePhone Homescreen with Apps
  • Over the past decade, mobile devices, phones and tablets have become a multimedia device in your hand.

  • Location based profiling identifies, detects and categorizes activity for future targeting capabilities. 

  • Categories vary from: shopping, restaurants, movies, car shopping, work, sport activity, and much more.

  • Educated assumptions are utilized in location profiling to determine age, gender and HHI demographics.

  • Detecting which apps are on the mobile devices, indicate interests as well.

  • Device profiling mobile devices allows advertisers to better target mobile consumers who will engage with an ad that is more relevant to that mobile user.

  • With HMG, you can utilize these very effective strategies, just like large retailers and brands.

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